Liviu Enache Photography

Liviu Enache is dedicated to the art of sports photography, with his portfolio including coverage of diverse events such as European Sports Championships, University Boat Races, Cross-Country competitions, Rowing, Rugby, Volleyball, and renowned athletic competitions like the World Athletics.

Holding a BA degree in Photography from London, Liviu’s talent has earned him nominations for prestigious awards, including the British Photography Awards in 2021 and recognition in the competitive Strava Sports App competition, highlighting his commitment to excellence and innovation. Liviu also has his work featured in print magazines such as Runners Magazine and Men’s Health Magazine.

Beyond sports photography, Liviu brings a wealth of experience in other genres such as portraits and fashion photography, showcasing his versatility and creative vision across various fields of photography.

Outside of photography, Liviu enjoys traveling and participating in sports, particularly running and training for marathons. This passion has fuelled his enthusiasm for sports photography, allowing him to capture the energy and determination of athletes in action.

About Liviu